The documentary Who owns yoga suggests that yoga and meditation are bringing the usually hostile worlds of religion and science together and are showing us that each person has the capacity to heal themselves, physically and emotionally, through self-awareness, self-observation, and reflection that yoga practice enhances. This is really enough to start practicing yoga on a daily basis and when you go out there to look for the best place to practice you will be amazed by the varieties of yoga studios today. The documentary shows there are types of yoga you haven't even thought might exist. The correspondent is going to the most vibrant places such as London or New York to show the abundance of yoga world today asking a really relevant question: is yoga a religious practice, the same one that came from India to the western word, and who owns it? Can we create all the different types of yoga and still claim it to be yoga? And who are we finally answering to when doing so? A witty and interesting watch for everyone who is interested in where yoga is aiming to these days, starring such yoga celebrities as Tara Stiles, David Life, Sharon Gannon (the tree huggers) and many other interesting people involved in the yoga world today. Pretty much must watch for those who want to create a new yoga style, just in case it already exists. Enjoy the Show! Assia