Yin yoga is a slow-paced type of yogic practices with poses that are held for longer periods of time—three to five minutes or even slightly longer. The yin poses perform steady pressure on the connective tissues of the body, such as the tendons, ligaments and fascia. These poses heal for longer, increase circulation to the joints and improve flexibility. According to Chinese medicine, yin yoga develops the flow of qi (the subtle energy in the body) that runs through the meridian channels of the body. The enhanced qi flow is believed to improve organ health, immunity, and emotional wellness. It is a considerably more meditative approach to yoga compared to other types of these wonderful practices. Yin yoga wonderfully cultivates awareness of inner silence and reflection.Reflection and inner silence is probably all you want when going through your moon days (aka menstruation). During this sensitive time, many women can feel slightly irritated, weaker than the other days or even on the verge of a nervous breakdown! But there is also good news; this can all be soothed by the effect of yin yoga practice. And when would be a better excuse to give yourself a yin yoga treat than during your moon days.

Recently I found myself weak, tired and suffering from a terrible migraine during one of my menstruation cycles, but encouraged by my yoga teacher I came to the class and learned a series of yin yoga, only to finish the class surprised, but content, that my headache was gone and I’d regained most of my natural powers!

You can also tune in with your well-being during your moon days and pamper yourself with these 5 yin yoga poses. Try to relax during your practice, hold the poses for about 5 min and unwind to your favorite album, or even listen to the sound of the ocean: 

1.The first pose will release your hip joints and your lower back muscles. Sit on your mat and place your legs in a diamond shape. You can use the block for your feet or a pillow, or place them on the mat without any support. Relax the torso over your thighs for about 5 min. When you feel pain, just move your torso higher.

2. For the second pose you will need a rolled up blanket. Place it on your mat, and then lie down on it with your legs bent. If this pose feels to intense, you can sit on a pillow. The higher you sit, the less pressure on your back and your thighs. Here you well feel stretch on your lower back muscles and the front of your thighs.

3. For your next pose take the rolled blanket and place it in front of you. Open your feet wide and place your torso on top of the blanket. Relax your upper body. you can also use an extra pillow for your head to be even more comfortable.

4. The penultimate pose will relax your pelvis and also the lower back muscles. Lay down on a block (you can use a harder pillow) and place your feet on a blanket placed next to a wall. Close your eyes and enjoy the stretch.

5. The last yin yoga pose that will culminate all your effort is also one of the best poses you can perform while during your menstruation. Lie down on your rolled up blanket, but place your butt on the mat, the blanket only touching your lower back. Place your feet together and relax your arms to the sides. Close your eyes and feel the goodness of this pose and your inner peace coming back to the surface of your attention.

Remember –  give yourself some special time especially when you need more than your usual amount of attention.

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