I've just come back from my second teacher training immersion in Mysore, India. I have been studying under the guidance of one of the best yoga teachers from the source of the yogic practices, Yogacharya Vinay Kumar, the founder of Prana Vashya Yoga in Mysore!

And......I can't be thankful enough for his guidance and insights into yoga that he shared with me during few months I stayed there. He has given all his deep yogic knowledge to all of his students. Tried to transmit all he ever learned from his teacher to our information and assimilation. I have to admit that he completely transformed the way I see and practice yoga today and I'm extremely grateful for his support and implementing a deep faith in yoga in his students!

I will be sharing all my yogic insights I learned from him and more in my blog :-)

But If you would like to practice under Yogacharya Vinay's guidance, visit his studio in Mysore, a wonderful holistic space that will definitely transform your yoga for good!

Here is the website to visit: pranavashya.com

Namaste! Assia

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