Last November I’ve found myself moving to Palma de Mallorca for a course that would enable me to work on yachts. I’ve finished the course smoothly and then decided that I’d discover the island before I start being fully exclusively on a boat. I’ve grown more and more in admiration for the beauty of the island and for its people. I’ve been living in Barcelona before for quite some time but this time I noticed the nature of Spanish culture and its emotionality on the surface. And almost everybody owns a pet!

In my explorations of the local beauty and its people, and what is happening on the island, I’ve stumbled upon an incredibly good and sustainable project called Beetroot Barter created by Wholesome Living and mymuybueno Deli, two locally owned business from Palma de Mallorca. The uniqueness of this project among other sustainable living projects leans on the fact that it is aimed to make the local community live better, not a big corporation, which normally takes place all around us.

Let me briefly explain to you what it is actually making happen. The project creators noticed that “hundreds of tonnes of organic, homegrown produce putrefy to the ground around the island and the world, while pesticide sprayed, plastic wrapped fruit and veg are sold on the shelves in any market.”(Sylvia Wynans, from Wholesome Living) Therefore the organizers have seen the need for a food trading event that will gather backyard farmers to trade the overabundance of their fruit, vegetables or homemade goods, for other products that they actually need!

Also you, if you are on the island, “are going to be able to swap your oranges for apples or your marmalade, soup or cake for eggs” - assures Sylvia from the Wholesome Living. Not only swapping will take place, you can also donate any excess as a nourishing gift for others that truly need it! The organizers aim into minimizing any plastic waste and supporting small scale organic backyard growers by empowering and expanding their community!

I personally love this project because, like me, it is also thinking globally. This exciting first event is looking to gather individuals that have goods to trade or can actually contribute to designing the guidelines for trading and organizing similar projects anywhere in the whole wide world!!!

If you are in Palma de Mallorca at the moment and would like to take part in this new sustainable way of living, you are more than welcome to check more info of the happening by simply clicking here and joinging us there!

Also, if you are anywhere in the world and are interested in such a wholesome living solution as the one presented in the event, you can contact Wholesome Living directly and see what you can do to contribute to this awesome idea wherever you are!

I truly believe there is no such better way into yoga than living in harmony with your community and with all around you. This project is 100% yoga approved!

Let's connect and see what we can do to live better as a local community and as a global humanity!

With love,