It's probably one of the most frequent questions we tend to ask ourselves when we get wind up in this or that yoga system, being ashtanga, prana vashya or vinyasa krama.

I remember when I first started practicing ashtanga on a daily basis I become obsessed with how long it took to reach certain pose. It happens because we practice the same sequence for days but sometimes for weeks or even for months we are stuck at one pose we can not achieve. And then we tend to turn on the stop watch and start to count down until we finally put this leg behind our head.

But in doing so we are also missing the main focus point of our daily practice entirely. We come to this practice with the notion of letting go of the schedules and timetables that cause stress in our life, and yet in the process we forget what we came for when we first enrolled the yoga mat. We so easily forget that yoga is meant to help us with our stress levels, bring more happiness in our lives and change our behaviour patterns from reacting to responding.

There is hope though to this paradoxical situation if we, now and again, observe our yoga practice and observe the reasons we are coming there for, and just relax and trust life. What is meant to happen will happen for us and for our practice if we only stick to it. Persistence is the key that opens many doors. Don't ever give up!

Namaste Assia