Last month, on the 30th of August, I woke up to the rather disturbing news that one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time, Dr Wayne Dyer, passed away. That day I also bought 2 more of his books as I already missed him. Dr Dyer has been my spiritual teacher for many years and since I learnt about him and his message, I have always followed his example, or I have always tried to.

I believe not just for me, but for many others, this remarkable man is a symbol of positivity, a power of spirit and healthy attitude towards life and a person of great influence to anybody wanting to learn from him. Born in Detroit in a poor family and brought up in an orphanage until he turned 10, he definitely didn’t start with an easy life. When staying there with other small kids, he managed to cheer them up and when they cried he pointed out that they were so lucky in the orphanage, as there was nobody to tell them what and how to do things, there were no parents and they could do whatever they wanted to. He always saw the silver lining of a difficult situation and practically tried to convince all of us with his simple words to see it too!

If you are ready to listen to what Dr Dyer says, you could be surprised by how magnificent and simple his teachings are. In my opinion, one of his greatest teachings is his daily meditation:

  1. Sit in silence,
  2. Focus on the breath
  3. Trust and believe that the entire life loves us and holds us in its arms
  4. It guides us in into places where we learn the most profound of lessons
  5. Maybe not the places our ego wants to go, but the ones that expand our heart and our loving capacity.

Dr Dyer exposes that we are divine, eternal, conscious beings that have the ability to tap into our divine energy and solve mundane problems created by our ego. His life and his teachings are proof for us, that all it takes to be freed from the shackles of our so called problems, is a daily meditation. Meditate with an open heart, a trust in life, and a strong intention set on our personal dream. Try it, it only takes few minutes a day, and you wont regret it!

Rest in peace Dr Dyer, you are being missed.

This post was written for welnness blog