I have been travelling a lot for the past few months. My trip was taking place in the directions of Poland and Germany. I have been teaching back bending yoga workshops in Poland and some ashtanga in Berlin. I even managed to squeeze my second vipassana retreat in the middle of all this (which was probably the best experience so far). Just as a note, during such retreats yoga is not allowed.

Upon my return, after 12 days of the meditation retreat, I found myself being unable to keep up with my daily yoga routine the way it had always been. Because of the round trips between Poland and Germany and the meditation break my usual yoga practise underwent a big change that startled me and confused at first, but after it turned out to be a blessing.

After this 12-days yoga break my body felt like there was no way I could jump into my daily ashtanga and prana vashya yoga routines, but instead it needed something softer that can wake it up slowly but with power. I started my online yoga sequencing research and I found this amazing teacher, Matthew Sweeney, and his Moon Sequence vinyasa that he is teaching all around the world.

Matthew explains that his Moon Sequence came originally from the same person who also taught ashtanga yoga for the first time, master Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. Matthew learnt it from the master's disciples in India and started revealing it to his students all around the world.

It is a sequence that originally branches out from the ashtanga yoga school, and it is supposed to be carried out not only on the moon days but also whenever your body feels weaker than usual, and needs some sort of restorative time. It's advised to practice during pregnancy and for a rapid recovery after giving birth. It is rather a gentle, introspective and meditative sequence designed for both young and old practitioners. It can also be practised by the students who want to enhance their daily ashtanga practise, or by those who find ashtanga yoga too hard or overheating their bodies.

After a regular Moon Sequence practise, that includes you being on the mat and giving it a go min 2 times per week, you can easily feel the results :

- stronger and more flexible lower body parts

- extra hips flexibility

- lower spine flexibility

And as and ending to this post I would like to remind you to "Just make sure to follow the path of your own breath" Matthew Sweeney.

Namaste All!

lots of Yoga, LoVe and LauGhTer!

Namaste, Assia