I have prepared a 15 min long Vinyasa Yoga flow video that will not only stretch all the muscles in your body, but it will also keep it toned and ready for more action!

It is a simple 15 min flow that will help you to stretch and relax all the main groups of body muscles such as hamstrings, lateral back muscles and also the arm and shoulders muscles.

The only note I would like to add is that please remember to follow the path of your own breath and not the other way around. First comes the breath, the movement will follow.

Enjoy your daily 15 min yoga challenge and see the results in 2 weeks. Your body will become lighter yet feel agile and strong. Your daily dose of Yoga is a fantastic cardio workout and can help to support any weight training by keeping all the muscles engaged, stretched and relaxed.

Stay bendy! Thank you to NaturalHealthStar for featuring this post