According to what we see in the yoga studios in the west and to the point of view shared in the documentary  Yoga and diversity, it is 100% true that yoga space is occupied by privileged, white and educated women. Yoga, from Sanskrit translation, means unity....but there can be no unity with an obvious exclusion we see in all the studios around us. I do believe there is a way of transforming yoga studios into places where people from all backgrounds can share the experience together in unity, rather than separated by color, weight and sexual orientation.

I truly believe one day yoga and meditation will be integrated into the obligatory education system for children and then into primary schools, high schools and universities. Step by step we will introduce those practices into our daily schedule. Starting from one little change. I can see it happen already in some privae primary schools, The Giving Tree in Cambodia, Phnom Penh, being the one I worked in and shared yoga with ten year old kids there.

I have just started teaching a yoga workshop in my hometown in Poland. I can see a growing interest of people from all ages and financial backgrounds. It is a great experience for all of us, as it is the first time they ever have a true contact with yogic practices and I rejoice when I notice that they are truly interested. We are not only learning asanas (poses) but also pranayama breathing and meditation techniques too, and the interest is only growing.

Everybody wants to feel good and we, yoga teachers, are bringing a fresh breath into people's life. Let's not make it an exclusion and a privilege to attend a yoga class, but rather a space available for all. This way we will approach the time when yoga is an intrinsic part of our daily life!

But I would love to know your opinions on this matter. Please feel free to share it below.

Namaste Assia