I still remember my first yoga class, in my little flat in Dublin in 2003, where I lived with my sister and 2 other friends. The class was led by my dear friend and a fairy goddess from Finland, Tea. After the sun salutations that we practiced for about half an hour we both gained such a shoot of energy that we just started to dance, sing and roll around the carpet for another 2 hours! It definitely was love at first sight!

Then I moved to Barcelona and again had another great teacher right after landing in the city, teaching me basic hatha on the beach during the hottest autumn of 2004 that was ever remembered. When my teacher left to travel the world I started practising yoga from time to time, thinking I would like to get more fit and flexible, but instead of simply becoming stronger, slimmer, fitter and more flexible, it has also led me to feel happier about my life in general.

My regular yoga practice is producing positive energy that supports my life wherever I'm at. Since I added a dose of yoga to my life, on a daily basis, it has directed my life into a more positive place, where I feel I can be truly myself, cantered, more relaxed and prepared for life challenges, no matter what is happening around me. I have always been very active and kind of nervous person and yoga is clearly cantering me, giving me a tool to relax, feel good in my own skin and also change my thoughts into more positive and relaxed ones.

Through my constant yoga practice I’m able to share my balanced and healthy attitude to life with so many amazing people, who also want to broaden their life experiences, and change into much more centred, confident,  and overall aware  individuals.

Join my group or private yoga classes in Berlin, or the online classes,  and feel for yourself how amazing it is to stay healthy, centred, and practice yoga properly by yourself, a process which will bring the best benefits for you and your overall, holistic,  wellbeing.

You, just like me,  can also develop your own yoga practice and go back to it anytime you need your special time and change the negative behavioural patterns into the positive ones. I can help you with that, I will empower you to feel better, more centred, connected to your true self and positive being!

Join my holistic yoga classes either in Berlin or online and find out for yourself what yoga does for you. It’s a very individual process and no two yoga experiences are the same. We are all different but I truly believe that yoga can only bring the best from us whoever we are!

I completed two yoga teacher trainings in India, Mysore. The first one being Ashtanga yoga teacher training in 2013 with guruji Ajay Kumar.

Guruji Ajay Kumar helped me to understand what is the traditional yoga practice and how to treat is, as a holistic, professional, almost sacred time and space where we are trying to give the most of us for gaining the best out of the practice. Ajay has influenced my practice and shaped it in a way that since completing a teacher training with him I treat my practice as a sacred time and space and my mat as a tool to higher my vibrations and be very serious about it!

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga  is a system of yoga transmitted to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009). This method of yoga involves dynamic transitions between the postures to heat the body up, drishits that translate into a fixed vision points and focused mind, bandhas - muscle locks to keep the attention in the body, and ujjayi breath to ancor the attention even deeper in the present moment (pranayama) all composed in a progressive series of postures (asanas). This type of yoga practice produces intense internal body heat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind. It's a vigorous practice with strong physical and mental health benefits, but it is also available and adaptable to all levels and body types.

My second yoga teacher training, Prana Vashya Yoga, with Vijay Kumar a year later in 2014 has brought me a deeper understanding of yoga, pranayama, meditation and chanting practices.

Guruji Vinay Kumar has though me how a yoga sequence is a one whole practice that can't be broken into small little parts or interrupted by unnecessary moves or shallow breaths in between the poses. He is the teacher that also though me pranayama, meditation and chanting to elevate my state of mind.

If you would like to learn how to breath properly, build your internal stamina, and most of all manage your stress level, this is the right type of yoga for you! The best way to describe this approach is to use the words of my teacher, the founder of Prana Vashya Yoga Institute in Mysore, Inida, Vinay Kumar: "Pranayama (breathing exercises) is an essential part of yoga. The yogic posture actually follows the breath and not the other way around, if done properly with full awareness. Prana Vashya follows the breath instead of following the movement and maintains the rhythm of the breath throughout the practice. Through breath control, Prana Vashya keeps the attention fixed on the posture, not allowing the mind to wander. Utilizing kumbhakas (breath locks) in certain movements while performing postures and transitions between postures has a very powerful and dynamic effect that develops internal Stalina and strong but light body." Guruji Vinay Kumar